Makalala construction provides an overview of the structure to the construction industry, public sector infrastructure spending and business conditions in SA

Makalala Construction Services

Drawing on a wealth of technical and operational know-how, our efforts will also be guided by our commitment to sustainable development.

  • Sector (civil engineering, commercial, residential)
  • Structure (timber frame, masonry, fabric structure)
  • Element (wall, roof, tunnel, foundation)
  • Building (dwelling, office, skyscraper)

Hiring a building contractor

From something as simple as fixing a boundary wall or a built-in braai to a completely new house, we can connect you with up to 3 skilled building contractors perfectly suited to your project.

Match the job to the team

Many building contractors will tell you that there is ‘no job too big or too small.’ The reality is that is just a throwaway marketing slogan. And yes, while they will certainly quote on any job that comes their way, the truth is that different contractors are equipped for different jobs.

Start at the beginning

Generally speaking when you are building you will need an architect to draw plans for the job. This is a part of making sure that your vision is communicated to the people doing the work in a form that they understand

The cost of hiring a builder

Every dream that is conceived in the head of a property owner will inevitably need to be curtailed by what can actually be afforded. Costing the job is critically important but beware of simply plumping for the cheapest option. Make sure that you get at least two, ideally three quotes for the work that you are looking to do.