Supply and Delivery

We provide good transportation and manage how resources are acquired, stored to their final destination. We identify prospective distributors and determine their accessibility.

Local Services

Makalala offer a World class delivery solution that is tailored to your specific logistical needs. With our range of services, we are sure to offer the flexibility your business needs. We provide a FAST and EFFICIENT courier service and while maintaining that personal touch.

Provincial Services

This service is for extremely urgent, time sensitive material that needs to be delivered to specific areas within a certain time frame in and around South Africa. As well as special trips (drive-a ways) and dedicated loads are also on offer when the below services are not sufficient and beneficial to your deadline.

Road Freight

A highly cost-effective deferred delivery service suitable for large consignments which are not time-sensitive. Delivery is achieved within 48 – 96 hours via our road network, this is dependent on final destination. Please advise CSD of the destination so they can confirm delivery days.


A variety of customized service to suite your needs. We deliver invitations for product launches, conferences, events, etc. The recipients receive their invitations within a specific time period on a hand-to-hand service. It’s all about speed, efficiency and cost savings. Please call our dedicated CSD department for further information.

Documents and Non-Documents Parcel

Documents are defined as unbound printed-paper, i.e. letters, reports, memos, proposals or similar paper based articles. There are no customs requirements for shipments containing documents only. Non-documents are defined as anything other than documents, e.g. documents with photographs, x-rays, books, advertising material, samples, videos, spares etc. All non-document shipments intended for resale, Promotion or sampling must be accompanied by three copies of an original commercial / Tax / Pro forma invoice.